For most businesses, it is important that employees, especially those in positions of leadership or management, exploit their potential, which requires optimal health. In order to help promote the optimal health of these executives, we can organize and co-ordinate comprehensive and personalised medical examinations.

Designed based on your needs, these services may include: a complete medical examination, diagnostic testing - such as blood tests and stress tests, nutrition assessments and various other items. This complete evaluation can be done in one day and can take place at one of our clinics, the employee's home or workplace.



  • Avoid waits for check-ups – appointments can be made within 48 hours and results are available within 48 hours, as opposed to weeks or even months.
  • Determine the current state of health of the individual, and any potential long-term risks.
  • Provide employees with important information needed  – such as a change in lifestyle, medication or treatment – that promotes better health with respect to his/her health and wellness life cycle.

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