A new Medical Director at ParaMed Clinic, Dr Mitchell S. Pantel.


Doctor of medicine from McGill University, Dr. Mitchell S. Pantel completed an undergraduate degree in psychology with Honours and mention of great distinction and a Master’s degree in psychiatry.

Holding a certification in insurance medicine and medico-legal evaluation from the University of Montreal, Dr. Pantel has over fifteen years’ experience as a medico legal evaluator and regularly testifies as an expert witness. Having worked as a medical consultant for many private and public organizations, his opinion is sought in connection with claims to the CNESST, wage loss and functional capacity evaluations to determine disability.

Dr. Mitchell S. Pantel also conducts independent medical assessments in the areas of general medicine, musculoskeletal conditions and mental health including substance abuse/dependence.

In his new role as Medical Director,  Dr. Pantel will contribute to the continuous development and improvement of all medical services provided by ParaMed Health Services Clinic. We are dedicated to providing quality care and attention to all our customers.