The flu affects 5-10 per cent of Canadians each year. Weakened employees and absenteeism can lead to a decrease in productivity and can impact quality of work.  Influenza is a contagious respiratory disease that can spread quickly and easily in workplaces, putting your employees at risk.

To significantly reduce the risk of influenza, we offer a safe and effective flu onsite vaccinations program – a simple way to protect your workforce.

 It is important to get vaccinated every year; the best time being between October and December.  As the potential for exposure to the virus can increase over the winter months, there is still great value in getting vaccinated even if it is later in the flu season.  


  • Service conveniently available onsite vaccinations at your workplace
  • Personalised vaccinations schedule
  • Reduce lost time and help ensure a stable workforce and productivity during flu season
  • Safeguard employees who are at high risk of complications from the flu

Many other vaccines are available as part of our onsite vaccination services.

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